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What's your favourite? Mine is still Sims 2. Huge fan of the sim type games period.  :63_63:

I had a game, once, called Sim Farm.  It was a great game... you see you could plant crops or buy different animals.  I liked to buy cows.  So I would buy these cows and feed them until they got really big and fat.  Then I would build a road just off my farm's property that led to the city so there would be traffic.  Lastly I would break down the fence.  Suddenly all the big, fat cows would be wandering across the road and cards would smash them flat.  It was hilarious.  Really, there is something wrong with me.  You could also do this with horses, pigs, and sheep. 



LOL. Jackie you are one twisted sister.  :face-devil-grin:

Brin, I love polls, but can't vote. I've never played any of those games, but I have heard of the Sims one.

Hey, I say let's just be grateful I was doing it with fake Sim Farm cows and not real live cows.  ;)


It really was very funny seeing them smashed flat with their black and white spots and their four legs splayed wide.  Ahhh, memories...



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